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We are a small hobby kennel that takes pride in quality, charm and appearance of our babies, with emphasis to improve the breed standard. We ensure excellent health for all our dogs with regular preventive health measures, such as current vaccinations and worming treatments. All our chihuahuas are fed a combination of high quality dog food, natural meat, veggies and treats , plus relevant vitamins.

goal is to have pups with wonderful outgoing temperaments. We are there when they are born and consider them a part of our family until they leave for your home. We start socialization at birth and continue extraordinary care and handling to get them ready for you. Our socialization formula ensures our chihuahuas will be cuddly, yet independent ... a mover, not a shaker.

All of our babies are played with daily and live in the house, under foot. They are use to the normal sounds in our home and hopefully yours. Neighbor kids come over weekly to visit and play with the pups and dogs. When the babies are old enough, they will make trips to visit an elderly neighbor.

Most all our pups will be in the 3 to 6 pound range as an adult. Occasionally, there are some that are a bit smaller, and maybe even a bit larger. We won't be able to guess their adult size until we can see their growth pattern. Their adult weight is not include in the guarantee, only suggested based on past litters and weight charts.

At about 4 weeks we start taking them outside to learn the smells of outside and to learn to go to the bathroom out there. My goal is to get them excited to go outside. Since all our dogs live in the house with us (as he will at yours when he goes to live with you), it is a big thing for us to get them to want to learn to potty out there, as well as, play or go for walks. The moms are also good at teaching the pups the art of play and the necessities of going to the bathroom. By the time they go to your home they are almost potty trained. They still need to be trained to the lifestyle of your home, which is something we can not do here.

It is our duty to the pup and its mom to find the best home for them. I need to know more about the future owners of our babies. Some of the things we will ask if, you do not tell us: Do you have a fenced yard or exercise area? Have you had a chihuahua before? What made you decide this was the right time for a new pup? How many will be helping you take care of your new puppy? What personality are you looking for? Have you ever considered or took a pup or dog to obedience school?

With your deposit, you can name your pup, and we will call him by that name. This will help in the transition from our home to yours. We will also have a place where you can see pictures online of your puppy as he grows up. I try to update it each week with new photos. You will get a CD of all these pictures and some of the parents when you get your pup in your puppy packet.

After extensive research with different types of vitamins we have decided that NuVet is the best vitamin supplement choice for all our puppies and adult dogs.