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All of our Chihuahua babies are played with daily and live in the house, under foot. They are use to the normal sounds in our home and hopefully yours. This is part of our socialization process.  We feel that caring responsible dog breeders contribute an important service to the public in providing healthy loving pets for families.


Most all our Chihuahua pups will be in the 3 to 6 pound range as an adult. Occasionally, there are some that are a bit smaller, and maybe even a bit larger. We won't be able to guess their adult size until we can see their growth pattern.


At about 4 weeks we start taking our chihuahua babies outside to learn the smells of outside and to learn to go to the bathroom out there.  My goal is to get them excited to go outside. Since all our chihuahuas live in the house with us (as he will at yours when he goes to live with you), it is a big deal for us to get them to want to learn to potty out there, as well as, play or go for walks.  Your Chihuahua puppy will still need some training and spoiling that includes the lifestyle of your home, which is something we can not do here.

 We view the homes our babies go into as an extention to our family and are available with advice for your concern.